Rules and Regulations FlyScoot Europe VA
Our Staff Team
SECTION 1: Purpose and legal information

1.1. FlyScoot Europe VA is constituted as a virtual, non-profit entity, whose ultimate goal is the meeting and training of its members in the world of virtual aviation, with the aim of becoming recognized by the two main online flight networks, IVAO and VATSIM, who provide us with the various services offered to all its members and virtual airlines.
1.2. These rules are binding for all registered users of FlyScoot Europe VA.
1.3. FlyScoot Europe VA reserves the right to refuse admission to all applications submitted.
1.4. Data protection: In accordance with the LOPDGDD of 6 December 2018 and the RGPD of 25 May 2018 all personal data of the members who are part of FlyScoot Europe VA, will remain within our database and will not be published
1.5. All activities carried out by FlyScoot Europe VA are of a virtual nature. FlyScoot Europe VA has no commercial links with any real airline or organization.
1.6. FlyScoot Europe VA offers and will offer a number of services to its members, all of which are free of charge. At no time will any payment be demanded for these services, neither in cash nor in kind, neither now nor in the future. FlyScoot Europe VA accepts voluntary donations from its members. All donations received in the form of money, time or in kind will be invested in the development of FlyScoot Europe VA or in the acquisition of those elements that help in this development.

SECTION 2: Members

2.1. All those persons who, fulfilling the stipulated requirements and having accepted the present regulations, show interest in belonging to the VA and are admitted after having passed the entrance exam, shall be considered members of the VA.
2.2. Members must ensure that they receive communications from the Staff via e-mail (avoiding that mails are marked as spam) or by visiting the Crew Center or web regularly.
2.3. Members will receive a notice upon expiration of the 30-day period of inactivity. The HR Department will communicate via e-mail a notice of inactivity. If within one week from the date of sending the warning no response has been received from the warned pilot, he/she will be expelled from the VA, and the effectiveness of the cancellation will be communicated via e-mail.
2.4. In case of not being able to comply with the minimum activity for a justified reason, the user will inform the HR Department, which may extend their stay in FlyScoot Europe VA. If necessary, depending on the expected time of inactivity, the pilot could be marked as temporarily inactive in IVAO or VATSIM until the end of his period of inactivity.
2.5. Active participation in the forum is not mandatory, however, it is highly recommended that you visit the forum periodically in order to keep up to date with company news, event updates and availability of new liveries or aircraft. Periods of inactivity on the forum may be taken into account when determining a member's level of activity.
2.6. If a member wishes to be removed from the company, he/she must inform the Management or the Human Resources Department by email, who will process the removal. From that moment on, the former member will lose all privileges acquired as a member of FlyScoot Europe VA.
2.7. A pilot will be removed from the company in the following cases:
2.7.1. Voluntarily, by sending an email to Management or the Human Resources Department.
2.7.2. When the cases of inactivity set out in point 2.3 occur.
2.7.3. When sanctioned by any online flight network in which FlyScoot Europe VA is officially recognized: IVAO and VATSIM.
2.7.4. When he/she commits a very serious offence, after deliberation by the competent bodies.
2.7.5. When it appears as inactive in any online flight network and this circumstance has not been notified.
2.7.6. When the company's management deems it appropriate for the proper functioning of the company.
2.8. FlyScoot Europe VA will be composed of a limited number of members. The Staff reserves the right to distribute the member pilots in a way that best serves the internal functioning and organization of the VA. The Staff will establish the maximum number of members according to the needs of the VA. The acquisition of new pilots will be done through the opening of calls published on the website, forum, NOTAMs and social networks.

SECTION 3: Admission Requirements

By joining the airline, the pilot is accepting all the conditions of this regulation.
3.1. The pilot must be at least 16 years old. Registrations of pilots under 16 years of age will be considered, subject to parental consent, by written and signed letter.
3.2. The applicant must be a registered and active member of IVAO or VATSIM.
3.3. If during the selection process it is detected that the applicant has a double IVAO or VATSIM account, or that any of the information provided during the registration process is false or willfully misrepresented, the login process will be automatically cancelled and the applicant will be rejected. In this case, FlyScoot Europe VA reserves the right to proceed with any legal action it deems appropriate.
3.4. Registration for flyscooteuropevirtual will be done through the form that can be found on our website for this purpose when calls are opened. Once the pilot has submitted the registration form, he/she will be automatically redirected to an online test. Afterwards, and once the Staff members have reviewed the exam, the applicant will be contacted by the FlyScoot Europe VA HR Department to continue with the process of joining the VA.
3.5. In case of having passed the theoretical exam, an interview with Human Resources will be carried out and, at the end of it, the new pilot will be discharged and assigned a TGW callsign. In case of failing the theoretical exam, the pilot will be discharged in the Training Department, where he/she will be instructed and taught, reinforcing those contents that were failed in the theoretical exam. As soon as the Trainer considers it appropriate, the pilot will be considered an official pilot, being restricted to those aircraft of the fleet decided by the Training Department.
3.6. Through the means and channels of information offered by FlyScoot Europe VA, it is the responsibility of the pilot to keep himself permanently informed about all ongoing activities, information and all relevant matters. Ignorance of this information will never be an excuse for not complying with these regulations.

SECTION 4: Rights and Obligations

Every FlyScoot pilot shall have the following rights and obligations:

1. Have a user name and password to access the Crew Center.
2. Have a callsign of the company TGWXXX, where XXX will be the unique identifier of the user as a FlyScoot Europe VA pilot.
3. Participate in the Crew Centers with the callsign TGWXXX.
4. Participate in events, meetings, group flights and all those activities prepared for all FlyScoot Europe VA pilots.
5. The right to participate in all the selective processes to become part of the Staff when calls are opened for that position.
6. To be respected at all levels as a person first and foremost, and as a pilot, whether official or trainee pilot of FlyScoot Europe VA.
7. Propose ideas, suggestions and participate in the decisions and deliberations in those aspects in which the Staff determines that it is advisable or necessary the opinion of the pilots.
8. To be represented by the Director of Human Resources or the CO-CEO in disputes that may arise with other members or the IVAO and VATSIM networks.
9. To represent FlyScoot Europe VA, through the use of its official callsign, in all virtual flight networks accepted by FlyScoot Europe VA.

1. Comply with all FlyScoot Europe VA rules, as stated in this document, on the website and in the public Crew Center.
2. Respect the other FlyScoot Europe VA pilots. Insults and insults to other members are expressly forbidden. Also, under no circumstances will be tolerated all those expressions that threaten the freedom or sexual, religious and / or political identity of any of the members of FlyScoot Europe VA.
3. To maintain the secrecy of decisions taken at meetings of FlyScoot Europe VA.
4. To maintain at all times the fellowship, solidarity and helpfulness towards the other members of FlyScoot Europe VA.
5. Avoid any discussion and/or conflict with IVAO and/or VATSIM members that involves the use of violent or abusive language or behavior. In case any of the members have a problem of a personal nature with another pilot / ATC, it is recommended to write down the following data of the person with whom you have had the problem and notify as soon as possible to a member CEO or Human Resources of the VA: Name, VID, position in which he was, day, date, time and, if possible, a screenshot and a brief description of the events that occurred.

SECTION 5: Merger with other VA

The possibility of merging or entering into an agreement with other virtual airlines will be allowed if this is conceived as an opportunity to improve, strengthen and/or grow FlyScoot Europe VA. In any case, the resulting entity must retain the full FlyScoot Europe VA name, as well as commit to integrate all members of the merged VA into the new FlyScoot Europe VA (in case of a merger). In the event of a successful merger, all members who become pilots of FlyScoot Europe VA as a result of the merger will retain all ranks, hours and awards and rights acquired in the former virtual airline.

SECTION 6: Offenses and Penalties

From the Staff will ensure compliance with these rules. In case of non-compliance with any of the rules, sanctions and / or disciplinary measures included in the sanctions section will be applied.
6.1. Penalties are classified as minor, serious and very serious.

6.2. The following cases shall be considered minor offences:
6.2.1 Incorrectly fill in the flight plan.
6.2.2 Use non-standardized phraseology.
6.2.3 Cause serious damage to any aircraft in the fleet.

6.3. Minor offences will be sanctioned as follows:
6.3.1 Verbal reprimand, becoming a written reprimand in the event of a repeat offence.
6.4. The following cases shall be considered serious misconduct:
6.4.1 Flying with an unauthorized callsign. Using an unauthorized callsign means not using the official designated flight number on official routes or not respecting the TGW*** (*** = TGW pilot number) format on charter flights when flying on any online flight network.
6.4.2 Accumulation of 2 or more minor offenses.

6.5. Serious misconduct may be sanctioned as follows:
6.5.1 Suspension for a period of 15 days to 3 months.
6.5.2 Transfer to the training center to make training flights reporting 8 flights in that mode.

6.6. The following cases shall be considered very serious misconduct:
6.6.1 Seriously disrespecting any person, whether or not a member of the company, as well as any act that denotes racism, and / or infringes on sexual freedom, thought, religion or political ideology.
6.6.2 Transferring member-only information or to third parties without prior authorization from FlyScoot Europe VA Staff.
6.6.3 Providing passwords for access to any FlyScoot Europe VA means or tools to non-company personnel.
6.6.4 Repeatedly disregarding these rules or the decisions taken by the Company Staff.
6.6.5 Impersonating another member, whether on one of the online flight networks, in the Crew Center, Discord channel, by e-mail or any other means. In case of impersonation, FlyScoot Europe VA reserves the right to take any legal action it deems appropriate.
6.6.6 Repeatedly ignoring a communication attempt from the Staff. An error in contact information may not be cited as an impediment. In the event that any member expects to be absent for an extended period of time they should notify the Human Resources Department as far in advance as possible.
6.6.7 Report in TGW a flight performed under another company's callsign.
6.6.8 Accumulation of 2 or more serious misconduct.
6.6.9 Those that the Staff of the company deems that seriously damage the image of the company and / or all or some of its members.
6.6.10 Failure to comply with instructions given by an air traffic controller on a voluntary basis or disrupting the normal functioning of online network flight operations.
6.6.11 Disrespect between pilots and any other member of the airline.

6.7 Very serious misconduct may be sanctioned as follows:
6.7.1 Permanent Expulsion from the Company.
6.7.2 Suspension for a period of 3 to 6 months.
6.8 The body empowered to apply the stipulated sanctions will be the Human Resources Department, with the approval of the CEO.
6.9 Should a member disagree with the sanction imposed, he/she will have 7 days to lodge an appeal with the Management and the Human Resources Department of the company.

SECTION 7: Final Provisions

8.1 In addition to these Regulations, the specific regulations of the Crew Center and of the reporting and management systems must also be complied with.
8.2 In cases that are not covered by these Rules, the Staff will decide what is appropriate.

Any situation not described in this manual will be evaluated by management and the departments deemed necessary for its resolution.